Visitor accidentally shatters Jeff Koons sculpture at Miami art show

Representatives for Art Wynwood and Bel-Air Fine Art didn’t respond to FOX Business’ request for comment.

Koons is described by Bel-Air Fine Art as an “undisputed master of the art market” and “neither more nor less than the most expensive living artist in the world.”

“This historic sale made the sculpture the most expensive work by a living artist,” Bel-Air Fine Art said.

The art fair is also described as an opportunity for collectors to “discover and explore the world’s most prestigious contemporary, emerging and modern art galleries.”

However, even with the sculpture’s high price tag and prestige, the woman who mistakenly knocked it off its pedestal won’t have to foot the bill. Bénédicte Caluch, an art adviser with Bel-Air Fine Art, told the Miami Herald that the artwork was covered by insurance.

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